History of the Palmdale Fin & Feather Club

Lake Palmdale, also formerly called ‘Harold Reservoir’ is an artificial, man made lake completed in 1924 and is part of the California State Water Project fed by the California Aqueduct. Today the lake serves as the primary water source for the Palmdale Water District, and provides water for more than 200,000 people who live in the surrounding area. The Palmdale Fin & Feather Club has leased the property through the Palmdale Water District making it the private hunting and fishing club we have today.


The last recorded geography of the "Lake Palmdale" is 2,918 feet (859 m) above sea level and is ringed by the hills of the San Andreas Fault and Mount Tenhi, except for a small pond on the lake's east side called Una Lake from which it is separated by the Palmdale Dam (dike) and Sierra Highway. The lake is 1.05 miles long at its greatest point (northwest to southeast), by 0.50 miles in width (southwest to northeast). Lake Palmdale has a circumference of about 2.5 miles with a surface area of about 260 acres.


The Palmdale Fin & Feather Club regularly stockes the lake with trout and catfish during fishing season, and provides plenty of other species to fish for. With over 71 years of business, the Palmdale Fin & Feather Club strives to continue many more years of service to come!

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