Boat Inspections

Due to two species of mussel (Zebra and Quagga) The Fin and Feather Club now has to conduct an inspection on all incoming boats.


Any boat coming onto the property must pass a mandatory mussel inspection.


The inspection is free of charge as a courtesy to our members. After passing inspection, all boats must be quarantined for a minimum of fourteen (14) days. Members must purchase a  certified cable ($20.00) that will be clip-sealed to the boat, motor and trailer. The cable is a one-time purchase and can be used year after year. In addition to the cable you are still required to pay for the boat registration sticker.


If you wish to store your boat on property the Club will provide an area to place your boat during the quarantine period. After your quarantine period is up, you must move your boat into the boat storage area, where you may keep your boat for the remainder of the year without another inspection.


In order to pass the inspection, please ensure your boat is completely cleaned, drained and dry. Also, check the rear bumper and axle of your vehicle along with your trailer for any debris or caked on mud. Any moisture or debris will be cause for an automatic failure of the inspection. Also, please be sure to remove life jackets or any other materials out of boat compartments prior to the inspection.


Anytime a boat leaves the property without a cable and seal, the boat must pass inspection and sit through a ten (10) day quarantine before re-entering the property. If storing your boat at home your seal will be clipped upon entering property and reapplied upon exiting. You must have your inspection paperwork in order to have your seal removed or applied. If you do not have your paperwork your boat will not be allowed to enter the premises.


If you want to use your boat opening day you must have your boat inspected at least fourteen (14) days prior to the date of use (to allow for quarantine period.) Note: If a boat has been used on an infected lake within the past thirty (30) days you are subject to a 28 day quarantine.

Opening Weekend is scheduled for January 13th and 14th!
All dues must be paid by January  6th, 2023.


Our Trap Range is currently open every Sunday at 9 AM.


Our Office Hours are Currently:

8 AM to 5 PM

*Closed every Thursday!*


2023 Fish Count (Taken Out):

 - Trout: 31,139

 - Catfish: 1,136

 - Bass: 53

 - Crappie/Blue Gill: 763


 23'/24' Hunting Count:

 - Ducks: 125

 - Geese: 8


Contact Us:

(661) 947-2884


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